Ibm Hyperledger Course

IBM Hyperledger course


We strongly believe that if you are not able to create Business use case by understanding Blockchain this will not help. Blockchain is quite technical and it is still not clear to Business Stakeholders, Enterprise Architects, and IT Team as to how to design Blockchain use cases. First of all IBM Hyperledger, courses are limited and those who offer focus on technical part rather than how to create real use cases and applications.

This course is going to be an extensive and exhaustive course on IBM Hyperledger and has been divided in following sections

  • IBM Hyperledger detailed course
  • Real case studies
  • Project work-Create real KYC application

Blockchain experience would be an advantage, but it is not required to take this course. This course will take you from zero to 100% in this course.

Project and case study Implementation

Project work – KYC Implementation using IBM Hyperledger

Case study 1 – Create supply chain network using IBM Hyperledger

Case study 2 – Create Land registry network using IBM Hyperledger

Target Audience

  • IT Heads
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Manager
  • Developers
  • IT Analysts
  • Architects

Why this course is different?

  • Learn IBM Hyperledger by creating real projects like KYC
  • This course has been divided in to 4 streams
    • Business
    • Functional
    • Technical
    • Project work
  • Step by Step course will help you to understand how to design Business case first and use Blockchain afterwards for that
  • Understand the Blockchain architecture and framework
  • Understand Blockchain on Cloud
  • Project steps to start with the Blockchain project

Course Duration – 3 Days

Price – Onsite Training – 4000 EUR

You do not have time to be onsite then attend our weekend course which is done complete online led by Instructor over the weekends

Price – OnlineTraining –2000 EUR

Day 1

  • + Module 1 - Basics

    • Digital Transformation roadmap and Blockchain at its core
    • Blockchain Myth or Reality?
    • Blockchain problem statement & Blockchain Benefits
    • Where Blockchain can be used?
    • Typical Blockchain Landscape
    • Cryptocurrencies usage on Blockchain platform
    • Blockchain relation to AI, Bots, Cloud, Machine Learning etc.
    • Blockchain use cases conceptualization
    • Blockchain for Banking Industry
    • Blockchain for Insurance
    • Blockchain for Payments Industry
  • + Module 2 – Fundamentals of Blockchain

    • Do we really need Blockchain?
    • Can we use some other technology instead of Blockchain
    • Status-Quo of Blockchain across Industries
    • Blockchain use cases in Production
    • Requirements of Blockchain for Business
    • Charactztzerstics of Business Blockchain
    • Problem statement
    • Blockchain Business problem statement
    • Centralized Ledgers & Decentralized Ledgers
    • Immutability
    • Distributed consensus & Consensus Mechanisms ex. POW, POS, DBTF (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) etc.
    • Cryptography essentials & Hash functions ex. SHA256
    • Merkel root and Merkel Tree
    • Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
    • Digital signatures, Private and Public key
  • + Module 3 – Hyperledger Business

    • Hyperledger projects
    • Understand DLT Frameworks ex. Sawtooth, Burrow and Fabric
    • IBM Hyperledger Architecture
    • IBM Hyperledger uses cases
      • Trade Finance
      • KYC
      • Financial and Audit compliance
      • Fraud
      • Food Traceability
      • Dispute resolution
      • Cross Border supply chain
      • Private equity administration
    • IBM Hyperledger Architecture
    • IBM Blockchain Platform membership plans
    • IBM Blockchain VS SAP VS Oracle VS Azure
  • + Module 3 – Architecting Blockchain design

    • Different views of Blockchain
    • Different Actors in Business Blockchain
    • Applications interaction with Ledger
    • Events Mechanisms
    • Integration with existing IT systems or with your landscape
    • Consensus algorithms ex. POW, POS, PBFT
    • Strengths and Weakness of different consensus mechanism
    • Public VS Private Blockchain
    • Encryption
    • Nonfunctional requirements of Blockchain
  • + Module 4 – Hyperledger concepts

    • IBM Blockchain Platform architecture
    • Characterstics of IBM Hyperledger DLT and its Business applications
    • Assets
    • Ledger
    • Chaincode
    • Certificates ex. X.509 & Certificate Authority (CA)
    • MSP (Membership services provider)
    • Nodes ex. Orderer, peers
    • Channels
    • Endorsement policies
    • Messaging systems ex. KAFKA
    • Chaincode development
    • Business network cards
  • + Module 5 – Hyperledger Fabric composer

    • Composer tool
    • Development toolset
    • Composer Modelling language introduction ex. Domain Model deployment
    • Execution runtimes ex. Playground
    • Composer CLI
    • Composer rest server
    • Composer Generator
    • Composer extension
    • Development workflow
    • Development tools required for IBM Hyperledger ex. Operating system, Node, NVM, Dockers, extensions etc.
    • Best practices for Installation
    • Development environment ex. Configurations and Databases
    • Ledger Implementation in Hyperledger
    • Smart contract
    • Excercise
      • Prerequisites for Fabric development
      • Set up IBM Hyperledger Fabric on premise and on AWS/Azure/Digital Ocean
      • Set up the Hyperledger DB
      • Set up the Ledger
      • Walkthrough of some configuration files
      • Run the Fabric for the 1st time
      • Playground setup
  • + Module 6 – Fabric composer Playground

    • Playground architecture
    • Process flow of playground
    • Agile Iterations
    • Defining Model
    • Defining Business logic
    • Developing an application on Fabric i.e creating Business network
  • + Module 7 – Application modelling

    • Playground architecture
    • Process flow of playground
    • Agile Iterations
    • Defining Model
    • Defining Business logic
    • Developing an application on Fabric i.e creating Business network
    • Resources definition
    • Registries and relationships
    • Arrays
    • Field validations ex. Regex
  • + Module 8 – Live Case Study

    • Quantification of Blockchain Business case
    • Create real Business case and Business Model
    • Creation of Land registry case study in the composer playground
    • Creation of supply chain case study in the composer playground
  • + Module 9 – Case Study Implementation – KYC

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What is Blockchain and how it works? Blockchain use cases for Banking Blockchain use cases for Payment Advance your career and learn to work with Blockchain Suitable for Banking and Insurance professional Suitable for learners or students Suitable for enthusiasts who would also like to appear in Blockchain projects or POC.

This course is also most preffered course who are working in Banking Industry or Payment professionals.


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